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Are all Asmara rugs custom made?
In addition to making custom rugs, Asmara stocks a large range of handmade rugs designed and produced by Asmara. Some designs are stocked in sizes: 6×9, 8×10, 9×12, 10×14, 11×16, 12×18 and 14×20. Other designs are stocked in sizes 6×9, 8×10, 9×12 and 10×14. The rug detail pages show the size availability of each design.

Why does Asmara offer the same design in several weaves?
Asmara is probably the only rug manufacturer that offers you a choice of different rug weaves. Asmara has invented several proprietary rug weaves such as San Marco™, Capri™, Savonile™ and Brocatel™. Each weave has a different texture, look and character. Using a variety of weaves, each with its own character, enriches your interiors and gives them more depth and interest.

What is Asmara Classic Wool?
Asmara Classic wool is fine quality wool yarn that has a natural luster and can be dyed in clear colors. It is ideal for making Savonile, Aubusson and Needlepoint rugs.


What is Asmara Handspun Wool?
Asmara Handspun wool comes from of an ancient breed of sheep that are pastured in the same way they were thousands of years ago. This wool is hand spun to Asmara’s specifications. It has great natural strength and lanolin (nature’s protection against spills). This wool has both luster and resilience (resilience is what keeps a rug’s wool pile from having impressions left by heavy furniture). This wool is suitable for all types of rug weaves and lends a distinctive character to a rug.

Which wool is better, Classic wool or Handspun wool?
The Asmara artist chooses the type of wool that best expresses the particular work of art. Each type of wool has its own character and there is no one wool type that is best for every work of art.

What is the largest size carpet that Asmara makes?
The largest size rug Asmara carries in stock is 14’x20’ or 4.3m. x 6.1m. Custom rugs can be ordered as large as 27’x 38’ or 8.2m. x 11.6m.

Is it recommended to use Asmara rugs as wall to wall carpets?
Yes. An interior designer recently used 1200 square feet of Asmara rugs for a wall to wall installation. Asmara Customers Assistance will advise you on how to accomplish such a project with success.

How durable are Asmara rugs?
Every Asmara rug weave undergoes independent testing for durability, color fastness and flammability by the Independent Textile Service of Dalton, Georgia. Please ask Customer Assistance for details.

Are Asmara rugs chemically washed?
No, never.

Why does Asmara not use chemical washing?
Please read the articles on our website about the effects of chemical washing.

How do I clean my Asmara rugs?
Regular vacuuming is sufficient to keep a rug a clean. It is not necessary to routinely send out rugs for professional cleaning, just as it is not advisable to frequently send out a good wool suit for dry cleaning. Spills should be immediately attended to and not allowed to set. Consult a professional rug cleaner in case of spills and heavy soiling.

Should the rugs sent out to a cleaner once a year?
Routine cleaning is not recommended just as it is not good to send out a good wool suit for dry cleaning if it does not need it. Only if the rug is soiled should it be sent for professional cleaning.

Will strong sunlight fade the colors of a rug?
Sunlight will fade colors of all textiles, whether upholstery, drapery or rugs. Some dyes are more color fast than others, but they are all subject to fading when exposed to direct sunlight. If this is a concern, you may wish to explore using glass that has been treated to block the wavelengths that cause color fading.

If I am looking for rugs to use in several rooms, how should I go about my search?
Start by browsing the Asmara website. Click the image of any rug you like and you will be taken to the Details page for that design. The right column will show several designs that would look good in adjoining rooms. Save these images, if you have a color printer, print them and place them side by side until you like the combinations. You can also ask Customer Assistance to advise you. Go to Design Assistance. Once you have narrowed down your choices, you can request corner samples and examine them in the rooms they will be placed. Simply go to Request Sample.

Are all Asmara designs available in multiple weaves?
The Details page for each design lists the available weaves we stock in our warehouse.

How do I find out if a needlepoint design is also available as a pile rug?
Go the Details page for the needlepoint rug and it will tell you if it available as a pile rug. If it is not, you can find out if it can be custom made by asking through Design Assistance.

How do I find out if this needlepoint rug is also available as an Aubusson rug?
Go to the Details page for the needlepoint rug you like and it will show if it is available in Aubusson weave. If it is not, you can ask Design Assistance if it is possible to have it custom made.

Are Aubusson rugs more durable than Needlepoint rugs?
Both kinds of rugs have been tested by the Independent Testing Service of Dalton Georgia and the results tell us that they are equally durable,

How do I order a custom rug?
Please send a request by filling out a Design Assistance form. An Asmara expert will guide you through the process. Also click Custom here, on the navigation bar, for more details.

Does Asmara make custom rugs?
Yes. Click Custom here, or on the navigation bar, for more details.

How long does it take to have a custom rug made?
This depends on several factors. Please send your questions through Design Assistance and we will provide delivery time frames for specific rugs.

What if I do not like the custom rug that I ordered?
A custom rug requires a 50% deposit to start and the balance is due before shipping. Custom rugs are made especially to a customer’s specifications and are not returnable.

Are corner samples returnable?
Yes. Please read about our Returns and Exchanges policies.