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About Us

The guiding principle of our company has remained unchanged since our owner and president, Abid Ilahi, founded the company 35 years ago. We strive to create the most beautiful carpets in the world, using the world’s finest materials and according to traditional production methods.

The name Asmara is borrowed from an oasis city, which in the native language means, “the four are united” and refers to four ancient tribes that combined to create harmony and peace in their region. The notion of unity to create harmony is central to Asmara’s vision. By unifying the artist, the weaver, the interior designer,and the consumer, beauty and balance within the home is achieved.

It is with this vision that Asmara carpets are created. Asmara carpets are recognized worldwide for their unique designs, unparalleled color palettes (a single carpet may contain as many as 300 colors), sophisticated shading and intricate details. These qualities, coupled with exacting color standards and master workmanship, make an Asmara carpet a treasure that will endure from one generation to the next.

Asmara carpets are often inspired by the harmony of the natural world, easily adapting to a variety of aesthetic environments because of their highly functional color palettes and attractive designs. The graceful and eloquent color and design of each rug reflects the subtle and profound delicacies of nature, supporting the synthesis of the elements of a room.

Equally important to unity is the process by which balance is achieved. Asmara brings a level of service and a commitment to customer satisfaction that sets the standard in the decorative rug business. The Asmara worldwide network of 160 customer-oriented dealers stands ready to assist both the trade and the consumer in selecting the Asmara carpet that reflects individual style and taste.

Asmara strives to create new distinctive designs and innovative constructions that captivate and inspire great design with its customers. An appreciation of tradition, a vision for the future, a dedication to beauty and detail, and a desire to inspire great design constitute the harmonious world of Asmara.